Super Cricket worm and cricket farm


    Super Cricket farm is located 25 kilometres north of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan in the heart of Canada. We have been Breeding and raising quality live crickets and feeder insects since 1991.


    Our live crickets and feeder insects are some of the heartiest and healthiest you will find on the market today. We offer all of our live feeder insects an extremely clean, sanitary environment to promote better health and less stress. With this type of environment our live crickets and worms are stronger and live much longer. All of our live feeders are pest and disease free. By pest we mean they don’t carry any parasites that could stress them out, thus shortening their life span. Rest assured you will get top quality feeders when you order from us.


    All our crickets and worms are fed with fresh organic fruits and vegetables, vitamins, and nutritious formulas to insure they are 100% safe and healthy for your reptile, amphibian, bird or fish.


    Super Cricket provides fast easy online sales so you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home. Stores and vendors are welcome please contact us for your pricing. We offer Airport to Airport shipping across Canada for large volume orders. We are PayPal verified, and offer easy secure online transactions through PayPal. Trust an established reliable source of live feeder insects for your pets health and well being. We stand proud behind all of our live feeder insects 100%, as we have put very precise care and attention in each and everyone of them ensuring the end result is a premium bug for your pet. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction. You will be impressed by the quality of live crickets and worms we will ship to you.

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Super Cricket live worm and cricket farm, breeding facility.

Super Cricket Superworm Hatchery/ Rearing Facilty.

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