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Live Fruit Fly Cultures

Live Fruit Flies

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    Drosophila are a tiny winged, but flightless fly due to genetically impaired wing muscles. Their full life cycle lasts around 25-30 days. These cultures come in a self contained tub which requires no maintenance. Each culture is shipped fresh with approximately 25-50 Flies.
    These flies are ideal for small amphibians and reptiles, particularly poison arrow frogs, small day geckos, anole lizards, small newts and salamanders, hatchling chameleons, spiderlings, mantids as well as various top feeding fish species.
These cultures should be kept at room temperature.
*Drosophila Hydei are the larger Fruit Flies measuring 3.5 mm.
*Drosophila Melanogaster are the smaller Fruit Flies measuring 2.5 mm.
32oz Flightless Fruit Fly Culture

Fruit fly Culture Kit (12 Cultures)

Flightless fruit fly culture kit for 12 large cultures. Comes with:

*17.6 oz of Repashy SuperFly fruit fly media.

*10/32 oz fruit fly cups and poly fabric lids.

*1/4 pound of excelsior.

Simply add hot water, mix, let cool, add excelsior and flies (flies are NOT included). These cultures will produce hundreds of flies and last up to 6 weeks. Keep at 74-78 degrees for best results.

32oz Flightless Fruit Fly Culture


Makes 12 large cultures per 17.6oz.

Instant Formula for Drosophila Culture. This Premium Mixture is fortified with Minerals, Trace Elements, Vitamins, and Carotenoids in order to maximize the nutritional value of Fruit Flies as they are fed to prey.

Suitable for both Drosophila Melanogaster and Drosophila Hydei

The addition of active yeast is NOT necessary.

Repashy SuperFly 17.6oz $30.98

Fruit Fly Culturing Kit $35.98

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