Live Guarantee


    If live crickets and insects arrive frozen please handle with care and warm up slowly before reporting DOA. Often we find that they will come back to life once they are slowly warmed up for an hour or so.


     We add 5-10% more insects on all our orders to cover any DOA’s. All DOA claims must be made within 24 hours after receiving your insects. Any order with a unacceptable mortality rate of 50% or higher will be re-shipped 1 more time FREE of charge with photographic evidence. Super Cricket also reserves the right to ask for the unsatisfactory shipment back, we will take care of the shipping expenses in this instance. DOA’s more than 10% of total count on arrival will be eligible for a credit on your next order. We do not offer refunds on guarantees.


    We Guarantee live arrival on all Xpresspost and Priority shipments with Canada Post. Only orders that are accepted on the first delivery attempt will be eligible for DOA credit, no exceptions. Live guarantee is VOID if you choose Expedited Parcel shipping (not applicable for orders within Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba). Expedited shipping can be a budget friendly method but does not always have the best results. If your cricket order is going to be in transit more than 3 business days please do not choose this method or choose at your own risk. During the winter months expedited shipping is only recommended for orders within Saskatchewan, and major cities in Alberta and Manitoba or on non live orders. Please note that orders to outdoor community mail boxes, or other outdoor locations void our live guarantee. If your address consists of an outdoor mail box or location, please make arrangements to have the order delivered to a friends house, or to your place of employment.

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