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Live Mealworms

Tenebrio molitor

    Mealworms are a great reptile, bird, and fish food source. Mealworms are high in protein and have an excellent shelf life. Their small size makes them ideal for juvenile reptiles, young birds, and fish.


    Mealworms should be stored in a bedding such as our Premium Worm Chow, changing it when dust is all that's left. They should also be fed small bits of vegetable matter.


     To store mealworms for a longer period, refrigerate them at a temperature of 45 degrees. The worms will soon go dormant. Take them out once a week and allow them to warm up and be fed with a carrot.


    Our mealworms are 100% Organically grown using only the purest of ingredients. Our mealworms are hand-picked and packed at time of order, and are always guaranteed Farm-Fresh and Squirmin'!


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