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Live Phoenix Worms™

Hermetia illucens

    Phoenix worms (larvae of the Hermetia illucens, commonly known as Soldier Fly). An excellent feeder insect from dart frogs to bearded dragons.


    Phoenix Worms are the only calcium-rich feeder with the perfect balance of calcium and phosphorus, 1.5:1. This natural balance means that Phoenix Worms can be a staple in your pet's diet. Breeders report that hatchlings that are fed PWs right from the start are more than 30% larger than their clutch mates after just a few weeks! They also note higher activity levels and brighter colours for the babies that were fed PWs.


     Phoenix Worms are ready to serve when you take them home. There's no need to dust or gut load these insects before feeding your pet. Phoenix Worms are low in fat and naturally have 23 to 61 times more calcium than other commonly fed feeder insects!


-No need to culture them!

-You don't feed them!

-Stay fresh in their cup for weeks at room temperature (even longer at 50-60 degrees).

-No noise!

-No odour!

-Will stay in a dish--no escapees in the house!

-Convenient to take on vacation--or easy for a pet sitter to serve while you're away.

-You're going to enjoy watching your pet discover this new food. People tell us that their animals get excited when they see the "black cup" coming!

-They wiggle like crazy which excites and entices herps. Great food for a picky eater!

-They taste good (a guess, but herps greedily consume them).

-Stimulate the appetite of animals that don't readily feed.

-Can halt or reverse the effects of metabolic bone disease.

-Provide a boost of nutrition for gravid or just-laid females.

-A great start for all hatchlings!


Phoenix Worms are approximately 1/2” long, 100 to a cup.



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